Trezor % Wallet

Trezor Suite replaces Trezor Wallet web app Say hello to Trezor Suite, the best way to manage crypto securely in your browser and on your desktop. In case you missed our newsletters, note that the old Trezor Wallet browser interface is now no longer being maintained. It has been deprecated in favor of Trezor Suite, a much-improved app which we officially launched in July 2021. Trezor Suite is a more powerful interface for both desktop and web, and the only official interface recommended for use with your Trezor hardware wallet. Please note that this article refers to the browser application called Trezor Wallet, not your hardware wallet. Trezor Model One and Model T hardware wallets will continue to be fully supported and maintained as before. If you haven’t started using Trezor Suite yet, you may have noticed some loud red banners on the old Trezor Wallet portal.
Last modified 3mo ago